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With whom would it be MOST appropriate to discuss the topic of WHAT YOU LEARNED AT SCHOOL?
a) family member
b) stranger
c) police officer
d) neighbour

With whom would it be appropriate to discuss rules and local activities?
a) principal
b) stranger
c) friend
d) acquaintance

With whom would it be INAPPROPRIATE to discuss rumours and gossip?
a) stranger
b) acquaintance
c) teacher
d) anyone!

With whom would it be INAPPROPRIATE to discuss family or personal information?
a) family
b) best friend
c) acquaintance
d) doctor

What topics are appropriate to discuss with someone you don't know?
a) religion
b) politics
c) school
d) directions to the mall

What topics are INAPPROPRIATE to discuss with your friend?
a) money, gossip, and other people's secrets
b) weather
c) something you are interested in
d) sports

What topics are INAPPROPRIATE to discuss with your family?
a) games
b) sports
c) You can discuss anything with your family
d) chores

What topics would be INAPPROPRIATE to discuss with an authority figure?
a) school
b) money, gossip, and jokes
c) weather
d) local activities

Which is an example of an authority figure?
a) police
b) doctor
c) teacher
d) all of the above

What is an acquaintance?
a) a good friend
b) your cousin
c) the friends with whom you hang out
d) your friend's friend. You see him once in a while

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