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Newton's first law is also known as the law of:
a) inertia.
b) universal gravitation
c) force pairs
d) unbalanced forces

If the net force acting on a moving object is zero, the object will:
a) slow down and, eventually, stop.
b) continue at the same speed but change direction.
c) continue in the same direction but change speed.
d) continue in the same direction with no change of speed.

Units of measurement used to label a quantity of acceleration are:
a) cm^2/sec.
b) sec^2/cm.
c) cm/sec.
d) cm/sec^2.

The rate of change in the speed of an object is known as:
a) velocity.
b) displacement.
c) acceleration.
d) equilibrium.

Acceleration of an object must be caused by a force that is:
a) positive.
b) zero.
c) negative.
d) not zero.

A ball is dropped off the roof of a tall building. If the ball reaches the ground in 3 seconds, how tall is the building?
a) 9.8 meters
b) 44.1 meters
c) 29.4 meters
d) 14.7 meters

Terminal speed occurs when:
a) the air resistance of an object increases.
b) an object starts to slow down due to air resistance.
c) the force of gravity is balanced by the air resistance of an object.
d) the acceleration due to gravity equals zero.

The slope of a position versus time graph represents:
a) speed.
b) force.
c) position.
d) acceleration.

“Forces occur in pairs” is another way of stating Newton’s:
a) first law of motion.
b) second law of motion.
c) third law of motion.
d) universal law of motion.

The metric unit of force preferred by scientists is the:
a) kilogram.
b) newton.
c) mima.
d) pound.

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