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What is the text about?
a) It is a description of a bathroom
b) It is a description of a bedroom
c) It is a picture of a bedroom
d) It is a drawing of a bedroom

what is the most important furniture described in the text?
a) a bedroom
b) a chair
c) an armchair
d) a door

Who is the owner of the room?
a) Paul Gauguin
b) Van Gogh
c) Picasso
d) Gericault

is this picture considered a selfportrait because...
a) It represents what a mirror reflects
b) It represents the personal belongings of the owner, Van gogh
c) It represents the portrait of a bed.
d) It represents a human person

Where is the picture nowadays?
a) in the MOMA
b) In the PRADO
c) In the Orsay Museum
d) In the Louvre

Van Gogh was a.......
a) expresionnist painter
b) Impressionist painter
c) surrealist painter
d) postimpresinnist painter

Van Gogh's friend and painter as well was...
a) Monet
b) MOndrian
c) Gauguin
d) Charly

Which of these pictures do not allow to Van Gogh?
a) Tulips
b) Sunflowers
c) The bedroom
d) The starry night

Van Gogh sent letters to his brother called...
a) Theo
b) Mathew
c) Roberto
d) Jean Luc

THe bedroom was painted in
a) Paris
b) Arles
c) Auvers-sur-Oise
d) Toulouse

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