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The Immaculate Conception
a) 8th December
b) 25th March
c) 29th July
d) 5th May

a) 3rd June
b) 14th May
c) 15th August
d) 25th December

Worker\'s Day
a) 25th December
b) 13th June
c) 1st May
d) 6th July

Republic Day
a) 13th December
b) 10th August
c) 21st Decemeber
d) 15th May

Sette Giugno
a) 21st September
b) 2nd January
c) 10th May
d) 7th June

St. Joseph
a) 11th February
b) 3rd October
c) 19th March
d) 1st March

Assumption feast
a) 15th August
b) 5th December
c) 1st January
d) 3rd March

New Year\'s Day
a) 22nd May
b) 10th April
c) 3rd July
d) 1st January

St.Peter and St.Paul feast
a) 29th June
b) 12th May
c) 5th September
d) 3rd August

Victory Day
a) 8th September
b) 3rd March
c) 2nd February
d) 12th May

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