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What led the settlers to move to Oregon in the 1880’s?
a) the absence of Native Americans in the region
b) the lure of fertile land, plentiful rainfall and mild climate
c) offers of jobs in shipbuilding
d) a nice vacation

How did the belief in Manifest Destiny contribute to westward expansion of the United States?
a) Americans believed expansion would offer new economic opportunities
b) Americans believed they could learn important values from others
c) the United States believe it should conquer Mexico
d) the United States government believed it had a duty to prevent slavery

During the first part of the 19th century, differences between the North, South, and West led to
a) sectionalism
b) isolationism
c) federalism
d) mercantilism

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended which war?
a) The Revolutionary War
b) The Mexican-American War
c) The War of 1812
d) The Civil War

During the late 1840’s thousands of people were attracted to California to
a) Fight the Mexican War
b) Help build railroads
c) Search for gold
d) Obtain farmland

Which event was a major cause of the War with Mexico?
a) Missouri Compromise
b) discovery of gold in California
c) passage of the Northwest Ordinance
d) Annexation of Texas

Which of the following was NOT a challenge faced by settlers on the Oregon Trail?
a) disease
b) harsh weather
c) attacks from wild animals
d) drowning in the Atlantic Ocean

During the 1840’s most of the Americans who moved west of the Mississippi River were searching for
a) religious freedom
b) cheap land
c) fur trading
d) start businesses

The phrase Manifest Destiny refers to the idea that
a) all Native Americans should go to reservations
b) slavery should be abolished
c) the United States should expand to the Pacific Ocean
d) the United States should go to war with Mexico

Why were Native Americans kicked off their land?
a) to give white settlers more fertile land to farm
b) because there were no resources on their land
c) because they were trading partners with the white settlers
d) because the Native Americans had more advanced technology than the white settlers

How did westward expansion impact Native Americans?
a) it destroyed the buffalo and the Native American way of life
b) it helped the Native Americans prosper
c) Native Americans acquired more land
d) Native Americans and white settlers lived side by side as equals

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