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What resulted from the Louisiana Purchase of 1803?
a) The United States acquired territories of Washington and Oregon
b) The United States lost control of Santa Fe to Mexico
c) The United States went to war with France
d) The United States gained land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains

Who served as president during the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase?
a) John Adams
b) James Madison
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Lewis Clark

What was the forced march of the Cherokee to Oklahoma called?
a) Manifest Destiny
b) the Oregon Trail
c) the Trail of Tears
d) Middle Passage

The Trail of Tears resulted from President Andrew Jackson’s effort to
a) Remove Native American Indians from all land east of the Mississippi River
b) Teach Native American Indians the American lifestyle
c) Return tribal lands to Native American Indians
d) Allow native tribes to self-rule within state boundaries.

A supporter of Jacksonian Democracy would favor the idea of
a) governments in the hands of an elected king or queen
b) a President selected by political party leaders
c) a government system equally open to all individuals
d) reduced military spending

What term describes the policy of rewarding party supporters with government jobs?
a) protective tariff
b) nominating conventions
c) spoils system
d) Specie Circular

What was the main purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?
a) The United States encouraged European nations to start new colonies
b) All colonies would become part of the United States
c) The nations of Europe should not establish any new colonies in Latin America
d) All countries in South America must be freed within one year

What is ironic about the Battle of New Orleans?
a) Andrew Jackson led the U.S. forces
b) It was fought in the winter.
c) We lost the battle
d) It was fought two weeks after the war officially ended

Who was the president who purchased the Louisiana Territory?
a) Washington
b) Jefferson
c) Adams
d) Monroe

Who led the expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory?
a) Marquette and Joliet
b) Lewis and Clark
c) Tecumseh
d) Thomas Jefferson

What was the term for American sailors being kidnapped and forced to serve on British ships before and during the War of 1812?
a) nullification
b) tariff
c) impressment
d) neutrality

The physical size of the United States doubled through the
a) Jay Treaty
b) Pinckney Treaty
c) Louisiana Purchase
d) Lewis and Clark expedition

How did the Jacksonian Democracy increase the number of eligible voters?
a) The voting age was lowered to eighteen years of age
b) Women were granted the right to vote
c) More Common Men were encouraged to vote
d) Black men were given the right to vote

Why were the American Revolution and the War of 1812 similar?
a) Both wars were lost by the United States
b) Both were unpopular with the people
c) Both needed to use the draft to get enough soldiers to fight in the war
d) Both were fought against Britain

Why was the Monroe Doctrine issued?
a) to persuade England to end slavery in America
b) to explain Manifest Destiny
c) to warn European countries to leave Latin America alone
d) to collaborate with European countries to colonize Latin America

How did voting rights change after Andrew Jackson was elected president?
a) women were able to vote
b) African Americans were able to vote
c) White males who did not own land were able to vote
d) Native Americans were able to vote

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