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Which of the following best describes the Articles of Confederation?
a) the rules by which a state is governed
b) a British plan for governing the colonies
c) a plan for government of the United States
d) it added more states to the union

What term best describes the system where each branch of government can control or limit the others?
a) judicial review
b) federalism
c) separation of powers
d) checks and balances

The federal Constitution has a census every ten years to determine the make-up of what government organization?
a) NSA
b) Supreme Court
c) Senate
d) House of Representatives

Why was the amendment process included in the Constitution?
a) to establish the office of the President
b) to allow the country to adapt to changing times
c) to provide a plan for financing the American Revolution
d) to create a government that would benefit the colonies

Which is a power or title that the President of the United States does NOT have
a) Commander in Chief
b) Party Leader
c) Enforces the laws
d) Controls all three branches of government

What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights?
a) to establish freedom of religion in the colony
b) to support the idea of checks and balances
c) to protect the basic rights of citizens
d) to make the federal government more powerful

The first time the United States Supreme Court declared an act unconstitutional was in
a) The Jay Treaty
b) Marbury v. Madison
c) The Pinckney Treaty
d) Hamilton’s Economic Plan

The Preamble of the constitution
a) explains the powers of the national government
b) lists the goals of the new plan of government
c) explains the relationship between state and national governments
d) concerns the interpretations of the Constitution

What are the three branches of the US government?
a) federal, presidential, congressional
b) executive, federal, state
c) foreign, domestic, local
d) legislative, executive, judicial

Which branch has the power to impeach a president?
a) Executive branch
b) Legislative branch
c) foreign policy branch
d) no branch

How can the legislative branch “check” on the executive branch?
a) veto legislation
b) appoint federal judges
c) overrule President’s veto
d) impeach a judge

What is the main power of the judicial branch?
a) establishing courts
b) appointing federal judges
c) declaring the actions of the other two branches unconstitutional
d) pardoning prisoners

The Constitution was an improvement over the Articles of Confederation because the Constitution
a) made the federal government more powerful
b) made the state governments more powerful
c) ended slavery
d) did not have a president to enforce laws

The Great Compromise settled the controversy over the
a) right of the President to veto a bill
b) system of checks and balances
c) number of members of Congress from each state
d) power of the President to control the military

The Articles of Confederation were
a) a plan for central government of the United States
b) an agreement between Native Americans and Americans
c) the steps by which a territory became a state
d) the rules for governing a state

What principle of law was established by Chief Justice John Marshall in the Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison (1803)?
a) Treaties signed under the Articles of Confederation were not binding
b) States could not restrict interstate commerce
c) Only the federal government could declare war
d) The Supreme Court could declare a law unconstitutional using judicial review

What is the purpose of the Preamble?
a) to justify the Articles of Confederation
b) to explain the history of American colonialism
c) to state the six purposes for the constitution
d) to introduce the authors of the Constitution

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