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During the Revolution, which European nation fought alongside the United States?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) France
d) Germany

What is a basic principle of the Declaration of Independence?
a) The government receives its power from the consent of the people.
b) The people cannot be trusted to govern themselves.
c) The government should have complete control over its people.
d) The people do not have the right to rebel.

What method did Americans use to hurt the British prior to the start of the Revolutionary War?
a) secession
b) nullification
c) boycotts
d) killing

Which of the following did NOT occur at the Boston Massacre?
a) British soldiers fired upon Boston colonists
b) 5 colonists died
c) Colonists instigated the incident by throwing rocks and snow balls
d) Colonists were put on trial for their part in the incident

Which of the followning groups organized protests against the British in the 13 Colonies?
a) Sons of Liberty
b) Loyalists
c) Free Masons
d) Parliament

What was the main reason the British excessively taxed the colonists?
a) to finance the development of more colonies
b) to further develop mercantilism
c) to pay off the British debt from the French and Indian War
d) to demonstrate political control

Which of the following acts taxed tea in the 13 Colonies?
a) Townshend Acts
b) Tea Act
c) Sugar Act
d) Stamp Act

The slogan “no taxation without representation” meant that the colonies were opposed to taxes passed by
a) Colonial legislature
b) English Parliament
c) The First Continental Congress
d) Town meetings

What battle led to France entering the war on the side of the Americans?
a) Battle of Saratoga
b) Battle of Lexington and Concord
c) Battle of Gettysburg
d) Battle of Long Island

Colonial boycotts of British goods before the Revolutionary War were effective measures because they
a) Reduced the profits of British merchants
b) Lowered the prices of imported goods
c) Left British troops short of supplies in the colonies
d) Allowed the Americans to start their own factories.

Which is the primary source concerning the American Revolution?
a) A videotape showing a reenactment of a battle
b) A journal of the events written by a Continental Soldier
c) A social studies textbook
d) An article written by a teacher

Which country provided military support to the Americans in the War for Independence?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Holland
d) Canada

Which of the following directly resulted from the Tea Act?
a) the Boston Massacre
b) the Boston Tea Party
c) the Battle of Lexington and Concord
d) the French and Indian war

Which idea was not included in the Declaration of Independence?
a) all people are created equal
b) all taxes should be boycotted
c) all people have certain basic rights
d) all governments get their power from the people

Which set of events is in the correct chronological order?
a) Boston Tea Party- Declaration of Independence- French and Indian War
b) French and Indian War- Boston Tea Party- Declaration of Independence
c) Declaration of Independence- French and Indian War- Boston Tea Party
d) French and Indian War- Declaration of Independence- Boston Tea Party

What was the primary purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) To persuade England to end slavery in America
b) To list reasons the colonies should be free from England
c) To provide a plan for financing the American Revolution
d) To convince the King to grant colonists more land

Which of the following statements about Loyalists and Patriots is true?
a) They both wanted to end British rule
b) Patriots wanted to end British rule while Loyalists wanted to stay under British protection
c) Loyalists wanted to boycott British goods because they thought British taxation was unfair
d) They both wanted to stay under British protection

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