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In what colony did the Quakers find religious freedom?
a) Pennsylvania
b) Connecticut
c) Georgia
d) Massachusetts

What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
a) St. Augustine
b) Roanoke
c) Plymouth
d) Jamestown

Which of the following is NOT a way geography impacted the 13 colonies
a) New England built ships because they had many forests and good harbors
b) Southern colonies relied on agriculture because they had fertile soil
c) New England had a more varied economy because they had rocky soil and more natural resources
d) Middle colonies published many newspapers because many people knew how to read

Which was the biggest reason colonial Americans participate ind the triangular trade?
a) to make money
b) to spread their religion
c) to establish colonies in other parts of the world
d) to make more money for England

Which section of the 13 colonies was known as the breadbasket colonies?
a) Middle
b) Southern
c) New England
d) Western Territories

Which of the following was NOT a reason European settlers came to the New World
a) forced into slavery
b) religious freedom
c) opportunity to own their own land
d) economic opportunities

Which section of the 13 colonies had rocky soil?
a) New England
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) Canada

The triangular trade involved
a) molasses, rum and slaves
b) cotton, disease and slaves
c) oranges, rum and slaves
d) guns, gold and glory

Which of the following does NOT show European influence on the colonial Americas
a) Cities and territories were named New York, New Amsterdam, New Spain and New France
b) The main languages spoken in the Americas is Spanish and English
c) The main religion in the colonies was Christianity
d) Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to grow food in the rocky soil of Massachusetts

Which section of the 13 colonies used slave labor to grow tobacco?
a) Southern
b) Middle
c) New England
d) Spanish Florida

William Penn and the Quakers founded the colony of Pennsylvania mainly on the principle of
a) Religious tolerance
b) Trade of furs and gold
c) Opportunity for debtors
d) Making friends with Native Americans

Merchants in England supported the setting up of colonies because they hoped colonies would
a) remove some of the population from England
b) send raw materials to England and buy goods from England
c) weaken the powers of the king
d) provide competition for goods make in England

What was the main purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
a) To establish freedom of religion in the colony
b) To ensure obedience to the King of England
c) To provide a new chance for debtors and criminals
d) To create a government that would benefit the colony

Why did merchants in England support the creation of the 13 colonies?
a) They wanted to ease the pressures of overpopulation in England.
b) They hoped to weaken the power of the king.
c) They wanted to reduce competition from other merchants.
d) They hoped the colonies would buy English goods and serve as a source of raw materials.

Which region produced huge amounts of grain during the colonial period?
a) Southern Colonies
b) The Frontier
c) Middle Colonies
d) New England COlonies

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