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The Wampanoag Indians taught the Pilgrims how to
a) hunt and plant food
b) sail on the Mayflower
c) defend their land
d) build forts

The Wampanoag Indians and Pilgrims celebrated
a) in churches with a mix of Spanish and Indian designs
b) with the King of Spain
c) Thanksgiving
d) on the Mayflower

Why did the Spanish priests start missions?
a) to teach the Wampanoag Indians to hunt deer, turkey, and fish
b) to teach the Roman Catholic religion to American Indians
c) to teach American Indians how to plant beans, corn, and pumpkins
d) to give the Pilgrims a place to worship freely

Why did war begin between the colonists and the British?
a) England sometimes treated the thirteen colonies unfairly.
b) George Washington wanted to fight British soldiers.
c) Americans did not want independence.
d) The colonists wanted white men to be treated like everyone else.

What did Thomas Jefferson and other leaders write during their meeting in Philadelphia?
a) the Constitution
b) a plan for the government
c) the Declaration of Independence
d) new laws

American leaders wanted the new country to
a) be led by a king
b) be led by a queen
c) be a democracy
d) protect all people's freedoms

Today's Constitution and the laws of our democracy protect
a) only the freedom of white men
b) only the freedom of all male landowners
c) only African Americans and American Indians
d) the freedom of all Americans

When the United States gained its independence in 1783, most African Americans
a) were free
b) lived in Georgia
c) had rights and freedoms
d) had no rights

When the northern states won the Civil War, what did the United States government do?
a) It ended slavery in all states.
b) It did not allow African Americans men to vote.
c) It kept slavery legal.
d) It forced African Americans to go to different schools.

What helped California become a mix of Spanish and American Indian cultures?
a) Spanish explorers searched for gold with American Indians.
b) Spanish priests started missions among American Indians.
c) Many American Indians in California were forced to leave their homes.
d) Many American Indians started missions in Spanish churches.

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