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Where did the Cherokee Indians live long ago?
a) the Northwest
b) the West
c) the Southeast
d) the East

What resource helped the Cherokee to grow vegetables?
a) fruits and nuts
b) the rich soil of the piedmont
c) settlers who helped them farm
d) summer and winter homes

A Cherokee named Sequoyah invented
a) a way to build houses faster
b) a way to write down the Cherokee language
c) a machine to gather fruits and nuts
d) new traditions for religious ceremonies

The Cherokee who followed the Trail of Tears traveled
a) southeast
b) northeast
c) east
d) west

Where did the Haudenosaunee live?
a) in the deserts of Nevada
b) on the Great Plains
c) near the ocean in California
d) in northeastern forests

The Peacemaker helped the Haudenosaunee
a) build walls around the towns
b) form a new government and constitution
c) hunt bear and deer
d) learn to trade

Five Haudenosauneenations
a) formed a government to help them live in peace
b) went to Arizona for the winter
c) built boats to trade with other nations
d) fished to feed their families

Today the Haudenosaunee government
a) raises corn and squash
b) helps build walls around towns
c) works hard to protect Haudenosaunee land and traditions
d) is made up of six to ten families

What kinds of trees are in the forests where the Yurok live?
a) cherry
b) dogwood
c) maple
d) redwood

What is important to the Yurok economy today?
a) salmon fishing
b) canoe building
c) shell jewelry
d) farming

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