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Which statement describes an activity of a decomposer?
a) A mushroom digests and absorbs nutrients from organic matter
b) A sunflower uses nutrients from the soil to make proteins.
c) A snail scrapes algae off rocks in an aquarium.
d) A hawk eats and digests a mouse

Homeostasis is maintained in a single-celled organism by the interaction of
a) systems
b) organs
c) organelles
d) tissues

The shape of a protein is originally determined by the
a) function the protein must carry out
b) size of the protein molecule
c) location of the protein within the cell
d) arrangement of amino acids in the protein

Selective breeding has been used for thousands of years to
a) produce new varieties of domestic animals
b) develop bacteria that produce human insulin
c) clone desirable plant varieties
d) develop viruses that protect against diseases

Which characteristic is necessary for natural selection to occur in a species?
a) variation
b) stability
c) low mutation rate
d) complex structures

Sexual reproduction in a species usually results in
a) recombination of genes
b) an increase in the chromosome number in the offspring
c) offspring genetically identical to the parent
d) a decrease in biodiversity

Which statement describes a function of the human male reproductive system?
a) It produces gametes in testes.
b) It supplies a fluid that protects the fetus.
c) It provides support for the development of the embryo
d) It provides nutrient materials through a placenta.

A relationship between a consumer and producer is best illustrated by a
a) deer eating grass
b) snake eating a bird
c) tree absorbing minerals
d) fungus breaking down wastes

Which statement represents a characteristic of an ecosystem that is not likely to sustain itself?
a) There are more consumers than producers.
b) The Sun provides the needed energy.
c) Energy is transferred from plants to animals.
d) There are interactions between biotic and abiotic factors.

Which phrase is an example of autotrophic nutrition?
a) an apple tree making its own food
b) a cow eating grass in a field
c) a mushroom digesting a dead log
d) a tapeworm feeding in the body of a dog

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