History Of Review Game Zone And Its Question Preview (ID: 1)

Hi There, Thanks For Checking Out This Quiz. It Is Our FIRST Quiz Created On The Site And We Figured We Would Make It About Our Website. Good Luck Answering These Questions. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

At Review Game Zone we think learning should be what?
a) FUN! :-)
b) boring :-(
c) sad :-(
d) annoying :-(

Review Game Zone was created by who?
a) A teacher
b) A computer programmer
c) A small start up company
d) A Fortune 500 company

Review Game Zone allows...
a) teachers to make learning fun
b) students to sleep during class
c) people to check stock quotes
d) animals to act like people

Review Game Zone was founded in this year
a) 2007
b) 2005
c) 2003
d) 2001

Review Game Zone has users from
a) the USA only
b) Europe only
c) China only
d) all over the world

The average game creation takes a teacher this much time to complete on the site?
a) 18 minutes
b) 12 minutes
c) 29 minutes
d) 5 minutes

Which was an original game found at Review Game Zone when it was first launched?
a) Rock, Paper, Scissors
b) Snow Ball Fight
c) Heroic Ants
d) Wild Taxi

What programming language do educators need to know in order to make a game for their class?
a) none
b) C++
d) ASP

What is the highest level of content creation on the site?
a) College
b) Grade 12
c) Grade 10
d) Grade 8

What is the best way you can help support the website?
a) Share a link on social media or tell a friend
b) Forget to tell your teacher about this site
c) Not tell anyone about this awesome resource
d) Forget to tell your friends about this site

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