Gaming Increases Learning

We all remember the uneventful periods of learning in a classroom and struggling to focus on what’s being taught. From other students slowing the progress down, that unpleasant chair you was forced to sit in for an hour straight, or even just the lack of excitement provided in a classroom by the teacher.

According to, a survey of 10,438 young people was carried out and nearly 4% of male pupils suffered from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and 0.85% of females also suffered from ADHD. Researchers have found that ADHD over the years has grew drastically in young people based of various factors, one main factor being the use of mobile phones. With young people constantly checking their mobile devices every few minutes, ADHD conditions increase causing young people to fidget, talk and keep off task in the classroom. So what do we have as a result when our new generations reach middle school and high school? We have young adults, many suffering from ADHD, sitting in an enclosed classroom. As a result we get students struggling to learn, failing exams and retaliating against the current learning system.

So what are some ways in which education institutes have tried to help their students learn better? The use of online gaming within educational institutions has grown dramatically. Although most online games hold little or even no educational benefit, some games have been found to improve the learning capability in students. Online gaming makes the learning experience for students more exciting.

Dr. Mark Griffiths, a professor of gambling studies wrote a piece of educational games and included a fascinating case relating to online games for learning; “Demarest’s account of her own autistic 7-year old son reported that although he had serious deficiencies in language and understanding, and social and emotional difficulties, video game playing was one activity he was able to excel. This was ego-boosting for him and also had a self-calming effect ”. So how should educational institutes and parents approach teaching their young ones? Well believe it or not, there are dozens of gaming websites out there and many provide educational games. You can play games which test a young person’s knowledge, increase their mathematics skills, English skills etc. Our site, even provides games like such.

It should be known that when done correct and in correlation with unique interactive lessons, educational games do serve an important role in teaching. If you’re an education institute or a parent concerned about the learning growth of your students, make learning fun!

*Review Game Zone is a cloud based review game creation site where teachers can make educational games directly from their browser. To create a game simply input the question data, type the answer choices and that's it! The games are automatically created in the cloud and provide interactive review of classroom topics. The content in the games is fully personalized and customized to suit your student's needs. You can even track your student’s progress and results within the games. Click here to Sign Up for a free account.

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