How Games Could Change Exams

Back in school we can all remember the days of sitting at a desk in a large room, taking an exam which could take up to three hours with no breaks. This form of testing has been a controversial method for a long time as their are so many variables.

Let’s focus on how an online game turned into an exam could grade a student on specific areas. If we took a student and had them complete a multiple choice section of a science exam, their final grade would reflect their understanding of the topic being tested as a whole. With an online game we could track answer results for an entire class and we can then change our teaching to reflect the results.

An online game exam would also be more entertaining. With the use of flash or HTML5 games offered at, exams would become more intriguing to students. The environment would be a lot more relaxed with not having to stare at black on white sheets of paper for hours. With pressure off the shoulders of young students, they are then capable to make better decisions when answering questions giving them a more reliable grade as a result.

So overall, what would an online, game examination system provide? Students would be more relaxed. They can get instant feedback and play part of game as a reward. The exam itself would be more fun if it were game based. A game format implemented into an exam could give motivation and satisfaction throughout the exam course possibility making it a more pleasant experience for some students.

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