Benefits of Online Games in School

The use of technology in the classroom has been a useful tool for teachers, but more could still be done by teachers to encourage students to enjoy its use and consolidate their learning at the same time. One such way to better use technology is to engage pupils in online gaming that enhances and positively reinforces their learning.

Computers, mobile phones and tablets have allowed students new and innovative ways of learning. Teachers have access to online resources, instantly assessed tests and automatically generated questions pitched at levels appropriate for their students, to name just a few. Teachers are no longer bound by the physical restrictions of the classroom and can access numerous virtual environments. These virtual learning environments are places that students readily access and feel at ease, so teachers need to make sure they are exploiting this rich resource.

While the way teachers educate students is adapting and the ways students learn is evolving there are still some fundamental aspects of the teaching-learning cycle that are not changing, namely “practice”. Students still need to practice and have their newly-learned skills tested, under the guidance of the teacher. The old teaching style of practicing would be to use textbooks or worksheets, the more modern teacher would also look at students completing online worksheets, but both of these approaches merely ask students to complete tasks with little instant reward. This is where I have found online games an excellent incentive, which benefits both the teacher and the student.

By using online gaming websites such as students can be instantly gratified for practicing their newly acquired classroom skills and rewarded by playing longer on games or having access to games. The better a student preforms the longer they get to play. This means that if there is a student who is not getting enough questions correct will seek out the teacher’s guidance to help improve their understanding, get more questions correct and beat their high score! Additionally functionality for teachers on is the ability to choose which games they have access to and what questions need to be access to access the games.

Of course there are many other reasons to think about incorporating online games in to the classroom. Firstly, there is instant positive feedback from using sites such as this with students enjoying the activity the teacher has set them. Student/teacher relationships are improved as the students realize that the teachers subject does not have to be boring and their teacher is trying to find interesting ways for their subject to be assessed. Students also become confident in their ability to complete tasks, have feedback on how well they can answer questions and can instantly see the rewards for learning new skills. This ability to actively engage the students in the process of learning is paramount to maintaining a positive and engaging learning environment that will keep students wanting to learn.

The functionality of the games needs to be both educationally-based and fun to play, so choosing the correct game for each class is paramount to maximizing the use of online gaming in the classroom, so check out and see the potential benefits for yourself.

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