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Some materials change this property when in contact with acids/bases, making them great indicators
a) acidity b) color c) smell d) concentration
What ions are present in large amounts for a solution with a pH of 10?
a) hydrogen ions b) hydronium ions c) hydroxide ions d) oxygen ions
What is the symbol for a hydroxide ion?
a) OH- b) H2O c) H3O+ d) H2O2
If a drop of apricot juice (pH of 4.5) was placed on litmus paper, it would turn which color?
a) red b) blue c) purple d) yellow
The pH of apricots is 4.5. The juice of an apricot is:
a) basic b) neutral c) acidic d) none of the above
The reaction between an acidic solution and a basic solution is called
a) saturation b) neutralization c) substance d) mixture
What is the symbol for the hydronium ion?
a) OH- b) H2O c) H3O+ d) H2O2
Which is a property of acidic solutions?
a) They taste sour b) They feel slippery c) They are in many cleaning products d) They taste bitter
Which is NOT a property of a base?
a) They have a pH above 7 b) They produce hydroxide ions c) They are slippery and bitter d) They change litmus paper to a red color
Stomach acid has a pH of
a) 0 b) 2 c) 7 d) 14
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