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What have we been chanting at the beginning of every class?
a) Dismissal Hymn of Saint Basil b) Dismissal Hymn of Saint Nectarios c) Dismissal Hymn of Saint Nicholas d) Christos Anesti
Icons show us how the Holy ________ can live in human beings to make them Holy.
a) Ghost b) Trinity c) Spirit d) Light
The Sunday of Orthodoxy celebrates the restoration of the Holy Icons after how many years?
a) 100 b) 150 c) 1500 d) 250
The Holy Cross...
a) Is celebrated half way through Great Lent b) Reminds us of how our Lord suffered and died upon the Cross of salvation c) Is the symbol of victory of good over evil, life over death and eternal life over extinction d) All of the above
When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people waved palm branches to
a) Welcome him like kings and heros b) Protect him from evil c) Cool him from the heat d) Scare him away from Jerusalem
What is the proper order of events in Holy Week
a) The Passover meal, betrayal, resurrection and crusifixtion b) The Betrayal, crusifixtion, resurrection and Passover meal c) The Betrayal, Passover meal, crusifixtion and resurrection d) The Passover meal, betrayal, crusifixtion and resurrection
Chant: Christ is Risen, from the dead. By death hath he ___________
a) Tempted b) Turned c) Trampled d) Trusted
The Myrrh-bearing Women
a) Met Jesus at the well b) Anointed the body of Jesus in the tomb c) Welcomed our Lord into Jerusalem d) Fled to live in the desert
Jesus asked the Samaritan Woman for
a) Wine b) Bread c) Water d) Help
The Feast of Pentecost
a) Celebrates the virtues and how to acquire them. b) Victory over the heretics of time of St. Gregory Palamas c) commemorate the Holy Spirit descending on the Apostles according to Jesus' promise, after the Holy R d) Reminds us of our struggle to follow the Lord, everyone has to overcome sin and temptation
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