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Eddie's Pizza makes the best pizza in the whole world. Is this a fact or opinion
a) fact b) opinion c) d)
The result of any given event is an
a) cause b) effect c) d)
Which might be an effect of dieting?
a) loosing weight b) your doctor said to loose weight c) d)
Which could be a cause of lung cancer?
a) smoking b) going to the hospital c) d)
What might be a cause of Kim bringing an umbrella to school?
a) She carried it in her book bag b) It was raining when she left the house c) d)
If a speaker does not maintain eye contact with his audience, he may appear to be
a) overly confident b) very shy and nervous c) flirtatious d)
Which of the following is an appropraite topic for a formal, prepared speech
a) your favorite food b) holiday tradition from around the world c) d)
Imrpomptu speeches are
a) organized and well rehearsed b) shorter and less organized c) d)
During an interview, it is important to
a) reply to text messages b) be polite and respectful c) d)
When giving a presentation or going for an interview, it would be appropriate for a woman to wear
a) excessive jewlery b) mini skirt c) conservative dress d) skinny jeans
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