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Which of the following BEST describes a community?
a) large urban area with a zoo b) crowded place with many farms c) small rural area with few stores and parks d) place where people live, work, and play together
Which is an example of following a law?
a) buying a gift b) wearing a seatbelt c) planting an apple tree d) working in a large urban area
New York City and Atlanta, Georgia are ALIKE because both are
a) suburbs b) rural areas c) urban areas d) small communities
In a democracy, people govern
a) jobs b) laws c) rules d) themselves
People live in many places. They follow laws. They are citizens. Which is the best summary of these sentences?
a) Citizens choose leaders. b) In many places, citizens follow laws. c) Some laws help keep a community clean. d) Members of a community are called citizens.
Many people live and play in urban areas. Which detail supports this summary?
a) Acworth is near Atlanta. b) Companies in cities need workers. c) Some people who live in Sparta work there. d) Rural areas have fewer people than suburban areas.
One way that urban and rural areas differ is that urban areas have many buildings while rural areas have
a) open land b) many schools c) lots of people d) too many cars
Which of the following tells you about the population of a rural community?
a) more people than a city b) same population as a city c) fewer people than a suburb d) same population as a suburb
Which is an opinion about living in a city? A city has
a) many fun things to do b) zoos and baseball parks. c) big buildings and many people. d) apartments, houses, and buildings.
People who want to live near a city, but not in one, might live in a
a) town b) suburb c) urban area d) farm community
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