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Which life process brings new life to the world?
a) interaction b) nutrition c) reproduction d) growth
Which organ doesn't contribute to remove waste material?
a) kidney b) lung c) stomach d) bladder
What's the function of your skeleton?
a) All choices b) protects your organs c) supports your body d) lets you move
Which organ does the movement?
a) bone b) ligament c) tendon d) none of the choices
Which type of blood vessel lets gases and nutrients move in and out of the blood?
a) artery b) vein c) capillary d) Aorta
About how many heartbeats does an adult's heart make in one minute (when resting)?
a) about 50 beats b) about 70 beats c) about 80 beats d) about 100 beats
Which two food groups provide energy?
a) fibre and carbohydrates b) vitamins and proteins c) fats and carbohydrates d) vitamins and fats
Where are eggs (ovules) made?
a) inside the ovary b) inside the uterus (womb) c) inside the Fallopian tube (oviduct) d) inside the vagina
Which gas does blood take from the lungs?
a) nitrogen b) oxygen c) carbon dioxide d) air
What is the name of the organ that produces bile to break down fats in the digestive system?
a) liver b) pancreas c) stomach d) small intestine
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