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Limiting factors are
a) a physiological or biological necessities that affect survival b) the genetics that restrict an organisms maximum size c) d)
The ocean regions with the most promary productivity are
a) Coastal regions and sub polar regions b) Tropical Regions c) d)
For the most part, the less light the ______________ primary productivity
a) More b) Less c) d)
Compensation depth is the depth at which
a) The oxygen produced by autotrophs equals the oxygen they need for respiration b) The autotrophs compenstate for too much oxygen through acclerated respiration c) d)
A trophic pyramid is
a) a representation of how energy transfers from one level to an organism to another b) a physical structure that directsw food energy for cellular respiration c) d)
A primary consumer is
a) An organism that consumes primary producers b) An organism that photosynthesizes c) An organism that consumes secondary consumers d)
A secondary consumer is
a) An organism that consumes primary consumers b) An organism that photosynthesizes c) An organism that consumes primary producers d)
About ____ if available energy transfers from each level of the trophic pyramid to the next
a) 50% b) 30% c) 10% d) 5%
A food web better represents the flow of energy in nature than a trophic pyramid because
a) Organisms often eat acorss the theoretical levels of the trophic pyramid b) Scientist don't really know what organisms consume c) d)
Deccomposition is essential to life becaue through it
a) Organic Compunds are recycled into the inorganic compounds that primary producers use b) Organic compounds are recycled into ortganic energy that primary consumers use c) d)
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