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Moving energy is. . .
a) Kinetic b) Global Warming c) Renewable d) Potential
Stored Energy is. . .
a) Kinetic b) Renewable c) Potential d) Turbine
Gradual increased temperatures of Earth refers to. . .
a) Potential b) Global Warming c) Turbines d) Kinetic
Plant and animal matter used to make power/energy. . .
a) Fossil Fuels b) Geothermal c) Hydo-Power d) Biomass
Most common energy source for power in the U.S.
a) Fossil Fuels b) Solar c) Hydro-Power d) Geothermal
Plants get energy from the sun, so they are
a) Ecosystem b) Consumers c) Producers d) Decomposers
Process used by plants to make sugar/energy out of sunlight
a) Photosynthesis b) Ecosystem c) Producers d) Consumers
Oil, coal, and natural gas are all. . .
a) Renewable resources b) Nonrenewable resources c) Both d) None of the above
Hydro-Power, Geothermal, and Biomass are all. . .
a) Renewable resources b) Nonrenewable resources c) Both d) None of the above
Saving and not wasting energy
a) helps the planet b) hurts the planet c) does nothing for the planet d) is expensive
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