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Wavelength is a measure of:
a) bottom of the wave to the top b) how long the wave is c) from one point on the wave to the next, after one cycle d)
If a light wave strikes a mirror at 40 degrees, the light wave reflection will be:
a) 30 degrees b) 15 degrees c) 40 degrees d)
Refraction is when a light wave seems to:
a) bend as it goes through water b) bounce off of the water c) drop into the water and sink like a rock d)
If a light wave strikes a mirror at 20 degrees and bounces off at 20 degrees, this is called:
a) cooling b) absoprtion c) reflection d)
Compression is when the sound waves are:
a) packed loosely b) nonexistant c) packed tightly together d)
Visible light makes up how much of the electromagnetic spectrum?
a) a small part b) a huge part c) it has nothing to do with it d)
Radio waves have the longest wavelengths. This means that they:
a) have decreased frequencies b) have more radiation c) are faster d)
The more you wrap a nail with copper wire and power, the electromagnetic energy produced will:
a) increase b) decrease c) make no difference d)
How do blue light waves differ from red light waves?
a) they are prettier b) they match your shirt better c) blue light waves have a shorter wavelength d)
Sound travels fastest through:
a) a vacuum b) air c) a dense solid d)
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