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A smaller river or stream that flow into a larger river or stream is a -
a) tributary b) river c) river system d) estuary
Prevents the flow of something. Example: plastic
a) saturated zone b) unsaturated zone c) permeable d) impermeable
Allows something to go through it. Example: grass
a) saturated zone b) unsaturated zone c) permeable d) impermeable
Precipitation that flow over the land to streams, rivers and lakes. This is the leading source of water quality problems in the U.S..
a) rip-rap b) permeable c) run-off d) impermeable
The cause of the flow of water in a watershed is -
a) gravity b) topography c) erosion d) sedimentation
Which of the following statements concerning water pollution is NOT true?
a) Most water pollution is caused by the activities of humans. b) Trash, pesticides and fertilizers are sources of water pollution. c) Pollution that flows from pipes is called point source pollution. d) Pollutants are only harmful in the areas where they are dumped.
Mr. Jones fertilizes his yard every year and sprays his weeds with herbicides. Then, he waters it every day for four hours. How is Mr. Jones endangering the watershed?
a) Weeds are smothering out endangered plants. b) Fertilizers and herbicides pollute waters and cause an increase in algal bloom. c) The homeowners association in his neighborhood will fine him if his yard is not beautiful. d) Commercial fertilizers are the best way to make grass grow greener.
The boundaries of a watershed are determined by –
a) the amount of water that flows. b) soil type. c) elevation. d) the kinds of organisms found in the area.
a) Point A b) Point B c) Point C d) Point D
a) Point A b) Point B c) Point C d) Point D
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