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This is the era which we are living in now.
a) Palezoic b) Cenozoic c) Precambrian d) Mesozoic
This is the largest of the classification groups.
a) Phylum b) Genus c) Species d) Kingdom
Darwin's theory of evolution is also called
a) theological creationism b) natural selection c) radiometric dating d) relative development
The stage of mitosis where the duplicated chromosomes line up in the middle is called
a) prophase b) metaphase c) telephase d) anaphase
A piece of DNA that provides instructions for determining a trait is called a
a) chromatid b) centromere c) gene d) chromosome
The kingdom of multicelled organisms that can move but can't make their own food is called
a) Plant b) Fungi c) Monera d) Animal
The regular growth, DNA duplication and cell division in a eukaryotic cell is also called
a) relative dating b) the cell cycle c) osmosis d) camouflage
This term means to group individuals based on common characteristics.
a) classify b) metastasize c) osify d) kingdomize
This is the language which all scientific names are written in
a) German b) French c) Italian d) Latin
Measuring the amount of radioactivity an element contains is also called
a) relative dating b) radiometric dating c) genome mapping d) radioactive mapping
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