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A sickness caused by eating contaminated or dangerous food is known as this.
a) Foodborne Illness b) Cross-Contamination c) Microorganism d) Toxin
________ are small, living organisms that can only be seen through a microscope.
a) Toxins b) Bacteria c) Micro Organism d) Allergin
The temperature range where bacteria multiply the fastest is know as the _____.
a) Brunoise b) Pathogen c) FAT TOM d) Danger Zone
Making sure that all food items will not be harmful when eaten is called ____
a) Food safety b) Cross Contamination c) Hygiene d) Sanitation
______ is keeping equipent, countetops, hands, and other items clean and germ-free.
a) Cross Contamination b) Hygeine c) Food Safety d) Sanitation
A substance produced by living organisms that can be poisonous is a(n) ____
a) Pathogen b) Toxin c) Allergen d) Bacteria
All the things one does to keep the body clean and germ free are know as _____.
a) Hygiene b) Cross Contamination c) Pathogen d) Sanitation
______ are microscopic microorganisms that multiple rapidly and can either hurt or help food.
a) Toxin b) Allergen c) Bacteria d) FAT TOM
An easy way to remember the six conditions that pathogens need to grow is to remember ______.
Transferring harmful bacteria from one surface or food to another is know as ________.
a) Cross Contamination b) Food-Borne Illness c) Allergen d) Microorganism
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