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Who was an active leader in the Mexican American fight for equality?
a) Martin Luther King b) Cesar Chavez c) Herbert Mendez d) Alberto Cotez
What year was the Greensboro Sit-in?
a) 1960 b) 1679 c) 1653 d) 1972
Which of the following was one of the \\
a) Jason Love b) Kirko Bangz c) Allen Jones d) Joseph McNeil
The Civil Rights Movement improved the lives of which minority group?
a) Women b) African Americans c) Mexican Americans d) All of the Above
Who was known as the father of the Civil Rights Movement?
a) Martin Luther King b) Jesse Jackson c) Martin Halves d) Franklin McCain
What did Roe vs Wade make legal?
a) Drugs b) Alcohol c) Gay Marriage d) Abortion
What was the first peaceful protest organized by Martin Luther King?
a) Grape Boycott b) Apple Boycott c) Bus Boycott d) Music Boycott
Who was a well known activist in the Women\\\'s fight for equality?
a) Gloria Hayes b) Shamika Plummer c) Allison Vone d) Betty Friedan
Which court case said that Mexican American students couldn\\\'t be denied education?
a) Mendez vs Westminster b) Board vs Board of Education c) Plessy vs Freguson d) Jones vs Maine
What was the goal of the Civil Rights Movement?
a) To make abortion illegal b) To stop prohibiton c) To improve the lives of minority groups d) To end intergration
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