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Filtering units in kidneys
a) nephrons b) alveoli c) capillaries d) ureters
What's found in the larynx
a) intercostal muscles b) alveoli c) chyme d) vocal chords
Organ for excretion of nitrogen wastes and amino acids
a) skin b) kidneys c) gall bladder d) liver
The blood coming from the heart and going into the lungs would be high in
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) carbon dioxide d) helium
Blockage of airway can be caused by foreign objects or
a) air b) oxygen c) carbon dioxide d) inflamation of larynx
Too much carbon dioxide in blood causes it to become too
a) acidic b) basic c) bubbly d) blue
What process is used in exchange of O2 and CO2 in the lungs?
a) dialysis b) endocytosis c) diffusion d) exocytosis
What type of pathogen causes the common cold?
a) virus b) bacteria c) amoeba d) yeast
What connects the two lungs to the trachea?
a) diaphragm b) bronchi c) bronchioles d) epiglottis
It's purpose is to warm and moisten the air
a) epiglottis b) cilia lining trachea c) nasal chamber d) intercostal muscles
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