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Who was one of the main robber barons?
a) John D. Rockefeller b) George Bush c) Phillip Rivers d) Andrew King
What were working/living conditions like?
a) Decent b) Horrible c) Awesome d) Suicidal
What is the name for big wealthy owners who take control?
a) Robber Barons b) Thieves c) Johnny's d) Liers
Who was known for becoming rich off railroad companies? Hint:(Central Railroad)
a) Theodore Roosevelt b) Eli Hunt c) Cornelius Vanderbilt d) Barack Obama
What is the name of the Act that stopped monopolies?
a) No game Act b) No public Act c) No child left behind d) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Children were forced to work in what kind of factories?
a) Unsafe equipment/ Dangerous Area b) Clean/neat Area c) Supervised Area d) Lending a hand factories
Who was apart of the nineteenth-century railroad operation?
a) Kevin Ellenburg b) Peyton Manning c) Leland Stanford d) Charles W. Dubois
What turned the Robber Barons into greedy thieves?
a) Attention b) Less problems c) More women d) Wealth
Who's mansion had sixty four rooms?
a) Barack Obama b) Andrew Carnegie c) Bill Clinton d) Bill cosby
"What is the chief end of man?--to get rich. In what way?--dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must." Who quoted this?
a) Travis Porter b) Edgar Allan Poe c) E. E. Cummings d) Mark Twain
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