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an instance of bad conduct or treatment from a doctor or other professional
a) malice b) malnutrition c) malfunction d) malpractice
a sickness or illness; bad health
a) malignant b) malodorous c) malfeasance d) malady
stinky; having a bad smell!
a) malady b) malodorous c) malfunction d) manutrition
a person who does the wrong thing; an evil person
a) malefactor b) malice c) malodorous d) malevolent
a poor diet; bad eating habits that reslut in poor health
a) malfuntion b) malevolent c) malnutrition d) malady
wishing evil or bad will for others; mean
a) malignant b) malfeasance c) malpractice d) malevolent
very bad or harmful; likely to cause death
a) malnutrition b) malpractice c) malignant d) malice
bad conduct or wrong doing by a public official
a) malfeasance b) malodorous c) malady d) malevolent
a desire to do something bad to someone else; doing something that is wrong on purpose
a) malodorous b) malice c) malice d) malefactor
to function imperfectly or badly; fail to operate normally
a) malignant b) malevolent c) malfunction d) malady
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