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bending around; curved
a) circumnavigate b) circle c) circumflex d) circumvent
a path for an electrical current to flow around
a) circlet b) circuit c) circulate d) circumvent
careful; careful to look all around before doing something
a) circumspect b) circle c) circuit d) circumvent
a small circle; a ring or round band worn as an ornament, especially on the head
a) circumnavigate b) circumspect c) circumrotate d) circlet
to go completely around
a) circlet b) circumvent c) circumnavigate d) circulate
to prevent something from happening by careful thinking; to get around something; to entrap
a) circumference b) circumrotate c) circumvent d) circulate
to turn around like a wheel
a) circumrotate b) circlet c) circulate d) circle
to move around an area or a place, often returning to a starting point
a) circumvent b) circlet c) circle d) circulate
the distance all the way around a circle
a) circulate b) circumference c) circle d) circumspect
it has no beginning or end!
a) circumfone b) circuminfinity c) circle d) circumflex
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