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A fatal bacterial food poisoning is
a) Anaerobic b) Bacteriostatic c) Botulism d) Sprochetes
Spheric bacteria are called
a) Bacilli b) Cocci c) Gram-positive d) Gram-negative
A hospital acquired infection is a(n)
a) Iatrogenic disorder b) Nosocomial infection c) Communicable infection d) Contagious infection
Biology is the study of
a) Blood b) Cancer c) Life and living things d) Toxins
An albino's skin and hair appear
a) Yellow b) Red c) White d) Black
The suffix -phag means
a) Hardening b) Paralysis c) Nutrition d) Eating
The suffix -ptosis means
a) Tumor b) Prolapse c) Soft d) Dilatation
The suffix that means tumor is
a) -oma b) -oid c) -rrhagia d) -ptosis
A persistent and irrational fear of something is called what?
a) Mania b) Ptosis c) Phobia d) Litho
what does -itis mean?
a) Inflammation b) Stone or calculus c) Tumor d) Condition of the blood
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