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The _____ was the time period when humans began to farm and raise animals.
a) Industrial Revolution b) Hunter-Gathering Period c) Agricultural Revolution d) Environmental Period
Which of the following is NOT a major requirement for the survival of all living things?
a) clothes b) nutrients c) oxygen d) energy
The _____ was the time when humans started using machines to produce goods.
a) environmental time b) agricultural revolution c) scientific period d) industrial revolution
_____ is the fair treatment of all people concerning environmental problems.
a) Applied science b) Enviornmental justice c) The scientific method d) A sustainable society
A theory may eventually become a _____.
a) proclamation b) question c) principle d) hypothesis
The variety of life on Earth is called _____.
a) organism b) ecosystem c) biodiversity d) extinct
Preserving natural resources for future generations is part of a(n) _____.
a) sustainable society b) ecosystem c) natural environment d) environmental justice
Items humans have made, such as homes and roads, are examples of the _____.
a) built environment b) ecosystem c) natural environment d) sustainable society
A(n) _____ is the environment where an organism lives.
a) diversity b) EPA c) habitat d) ecosystem
The variety of life on Earth is called _____.
a) organism b) ecosystem c) biodiversity d) extinct
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