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Which belief systems share a belief that spirits reside in natural objest and forms
a) Chistianity and Buddhism b) Hinduism and Confucianism c) Islam and Judaism d) Shintoism and Animism
Which belief is shared an African who practices animism and a Japanese who practices Shinto
a) Spirits exist in living and non-living things b) Only one God rules the universe c) All suffering is caused by desire and selfishness d) Periodic fasting is essential to spiritual purity
Which belief is shared by Hindus and Buddhists
a) Everyone should have the same social status b) The soul can be reincarnated c) Material wealth is a sign of the blessing of the Gods d) People should pray 5 times a day
How are the Five Relationships, the Ten Commandments and the Eightfold path similar
a) provide codes of behavior b) establish gender equality c) promote polytheism d) describe secularism
The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path and nirvana are associated with
a) Shintoism b) Judaism c) Buddhism d) Islam
Which belief is most closely associated with Buddha
a) People are born into a specific caste b) People can oversome their desires by following the Eightfold Path c) Believers must follow the Ten Commandments d) Followers must fast during Ramadan
The caste system in India was characterized by
a) a lack of social mobility b) the right of people to choose their occupations c) equality between men and women d) toleration for various religious beliefs
Which belief is most closely associated with Confucianism
a) prayer b) nirvana c) reincarnation d) filial piety
In China, the development of civil service examinations and a belief of piety reflect the influence of
a) Buddhism b) Confucianism c) Jainism d) Shinto
The doctrines of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant chuches are based on the
a) teaching of Mohammad b) concept of reincarnation c) leadership of the pope d) principles of Chistianity
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