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What occurs when two plates run together, and one plate slips beneath the other?
a) Divergence b) Subduction c) Transformation d) None of the above.
What type of mountain looks like an accordion?
a) Fault-Block b) Dome c) Graben d) Plateau
What type of mountain forms due to magma?
a) Volcanic b) Fault-Block c) Dome d) Graben
Isotasy is the balance between gravity and _______.
a) heat b) energy c) buoyancy d) none of the above
New sea floor is generated at the _______.
a) mountain range b) mid-ocean ridge c) monocline d) none of the above.
Objects which crumble and break into little pieces when under stress are:
a) brittle b) ductile c) tense d) isostatic
What type of mountain is smooth and has gently sloping sides?
a) Volcanic b) Dome c) Graben d) Plateau
What type of feature forms next to fault block mountains?
a) Plateaus b) Dome mountains c) Grabens d) volcanoes
What type of "mountain" looks like a mountain with its top levelled off?
a) rift b) graben c) folded mountain d) plateau
Which is the best animal?
a) Bunny b) Hamster c) Guinea Pig d) Puppy
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