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Under what tab on the Ribbon can you find the Query Wizard?
a) Home b) Queries c) Create d) Database Tools
A query shows
a) Certain records that fall into the criteria chosen b) None of the above c) Different rocks in a mountain d) A relationship in a different view
When sorting, what does descending mean?
a) In alphabetical order b) In reverse alphabetical order c) Random order d) The order you entered the records
When building a query, where do you get the field names from?
a) The form b) The query c) The table d) The relationship
What does it mean to add criteria?
a) An additional peice of info to look for in records b) To sort in the best order for the data c) Add additional field names d) To create additional relationships
When you have chosen your criteria, what do you click next?
a) Update b) Append c) View d) Run
What is one difference between Query Wizard and Query Design
a) Nothing b) Everything c) One does it automatically and the other you choose d) None of the above
When would you run a query
a) Never b) Always c) On Mondays d) When you want to see specific information about records
What is Access
a) Relational database b) A clown c) A dog d) Me
What is Filter?
a) Alpha order b) Pulling certain fields from a table c) For funnel d) Huh
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