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I went to the zoo with ..... friends
a) some b) any c) a d) the
Sorry, Henry. There aren't ..... toys in this room.
a) any b) some c) the d) a
I know ..... French words but I can't speak French fluently.
a) some b) a c) an d) any
Have you visited ..... foreign country?
a) any b) some c) an d) the
- Have you got ..... electric microchip in your pocket? - No, I haven't got any.
a) an b) a c) some d) the
There aren't any defenders around me. Pass me ..... ball! Quickly!
a) the b) some c) a d) an
Oh, no! I forgot my pencilcase at home. Can you give me ..... highlighter, please?
a) a b) some c) an d) the
Is there ..... meat in the fridge?
a) any b) some c) a d) the
She keeps ..... meat in the fridge.
a) some b) any c) a d) an
Can you pass me a toothbrush? No, not that one. I need ..... red one.
a) the b) any c) an d) some
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