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a) a piece of grass b) an adult who is very small c) small and pretty d) real; true
a) to take off; small barn b) to make pleased or happy c) help d) to boil gently
a) can stretch b) to fail to do; leave out c) a stop; to stop d) an adult who is very small
a) frightful, awful, dreadful b) to stop c) quiet d) a piece of grass
a) real, true b) a pointed stick c) frightful, awful d) strong string;to wind around
a) to boil gently b) can stretch c) to come from an egg d) strong string
a) cutting part of something sharp b) false, not true or real; to fool c) a long narrow hole in the ground d) a piece of grass
a) to take off b) strong string c) help; to give help d) a pointed stick or post
a) to take off; a small barn b) strong c) a long narrow hole in the ground d) a piece of grass
a) can stretch; a tape or cloth that can stretch b) quiet c) real; true d) a long narrow hole in the ground
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