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The basic structure that makes up all living things?
a) cells b) DNA c) chromosomes d) chromatids
What do we call the name of the cell that has a nucleus?
a) Chromosome b) Eukaryote c) Cell Cycle d) nucleus cell
What do we call the process that keep repeating itself when cells grow, copy their DNA and divide to make new cells?
a) replication b) chromatids c) Cell Cycle d) nucleation
What is the packet of DNA inside the cell's nucleus that holds all the genetic information to make a new cell
a) chromosome b) mitosis c) Interphase d) cytomplasm
How many chromosomes does every human body cell have?
a) 23 b) 46 c) 92 d) 365
Before the cell divides, each chromosome is copied during
a) Mitosis b) Ananphase c) Interphase d) metaphase
Cells split and divide by a process called
a) Celling b) Mitosis c) Prophase d) split the cell
During what stage of Mitosis do the chromosomes split apart?
a) Anaphase b) Telophase c) Metaphase d) Prophase
When cell division is complete the two new cells that are formed are called because they have identical chromosomes
a) copied cells b) daughter cells c) father cells d) family cells
Why is it important for our cells to copy themselves, divide and make new cells?
a) Because our cells in our body die and need to be replaced b) Because we need more cells as we get older c) Scientists are trying to figure out why mitosis happens d) cells move
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