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Which could be described as quaint?
a) a building built in 2010 b) clothes from the 1930's c) a bear d) a lake
Which word means the same as persuade?
a) apologize b) convince c) explain d) comfort
Which is a phase of a butterflies life?
a) flying through the air b) pretty wings c) drinking nectar d) the catapillar stage
Which means the same as abrupt?
a) rude b) sudden c) odd d) unkind
Which means the opposite of reject?
a) accept b) realize c) worry d) question
Which might someone revise?
a) an apple b) a baby c) a tree d) a letter
A mock trial is
a) real b) practice c) pretend d) serious
Why might a product be recalled?
a) the product tastes great b) the product is too popular c) the product has many uses d) the product is unsafe
The opposite of entertained is
a) happy b) loved c) bored d) sleepy
Which would be something that can be achieved?
a) a high school building b) a middle school teacher c) an elementary school student d) graduating from college
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