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Which terrestrial planet is the smallest?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury
Which object in the solar system is Mercury most like?
a) Pluto b) a comet c) our Moon d) an asteroid
Mercury's surface has long cliffs called __________________.
a) maria b) scarps c) trenches d) mountains
Which planet has an atmosphere that demonstrates the extreme nature of the greenhouse effect?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury
Which characteristics do all terrestrial planets have?
a) rocky crust, iron core, and relatively high density b) water, thin atmosphere, low density c) water and thin atmosphere d) water and dense atmosphere
Which terrestrial planet experiences plate tectonics?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury
Which terrestrial planet has the longest year?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury
Which planet, like Earth, experiences seasons?
a) Mars b) Venus c) Jupiter d) Mercury
The volcanoes on Mars resemble ________________ on Earth.
a) Arenal Volcano b) Mount Vesuvius c) Mount Saint Helens d) the Hawaiian Islands
Mars was once similar to Earth in that
a) it had only one moon b) liquid water flowed on its surface c) it showed evidence of plate tectonics d) its atmosphere had a thin layer of carbon dioxide
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