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What type of bonds are in between strands of DNA?
a) ionic bonds b) james bonds c) hydrogen bonds d) covalent bonds
What do you call a subunit of DNA containing only three letters?
a) a codon b) a helix c) a trifecta d) a triplet
What type of sugar is in a DNA molecule?
a) glucose b) maltose c) ribose d) deoxyribose
What can nitrogenous bases also be called?
a) phosphates b) you know, those things c) ribose d) nucleic acids
What will always pair with cytosine?
a) adenine b) uracil c) guanine d) thymine
How many chromosomes does a NORMAL human being have?
a) 8 b) 46 c) 6 d) 48
If the sperm of a Drosophila contains 4 chromosomes, how many chromosomes do all of its other cells have?
a) 4 b) 2 c) 8 d) 46
What does RNA have that DNA doesn't?
a) cytosine b) thymine c) uracil d) adenine
Which goes in order of increasing complexity?
a) allele, gene, chromosome b) allele, chromosome, gene c) chromosome, allele, gene d) chromosome, gene, allele
DNA is made of
a) sugars b) all of the above c) proteins d) phosphates
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