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What chracteristics are shown on the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram?
a) temperature and luminosity b) shape and color c) distance and mass d) size and age
How would a hot star with low luminosity be classified?
a) white dwarf b) protostar c) double star d) red giant
Who is credited with the nebular hypthesis?
a) LePlace b) Newton c) Hertzsprung d) Kepler
What determines the lifespan of a star?
a) mass b) brightness c) temperature d) size
What is produced when a dying giant or supergiant explodes?
a) supernova b) quasar c) double star d) protostar
What is a rotating cloud of dust and gas that becones a star?
a) nebula b) planeteimal c) protostar d) nova
What caused the solar nebula to condense to form the sun?
a) energy from collisions and pressure from density b) enegy and heat from fusion c) rotation and revolution d) energy from high temperatures and pressure from gravity
What is produced in all phases of fusion in a star's core?
a) energy b) hydrogen c) protons d) neutrons
What do all stars begin as?
a) nebula b) protostars c) planetesimals d) black holes
Describe the temperature and luminosity of the sun on the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram.
a) medium temperature and medium luminosity b) hot and dim c) cool and dim d) hot and bright
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