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A hot ball of gas in outer space that creates its own energy is called a
a) star b) comet c) planet d) black hole
How far is the Sun from Earth?
a) 1 AU b) 10 AU c) 1 light-year d) 5 light-years
How many Earths could fit inside the Sun?
a) 100 b) 1,000 c) 100,000 d) 1,000,000
What do scientists study to figure out how long it takes the Sun to make one rotation on its axis?
a) flares b) auroras c) sunspots d) prominences
The Sun's hottest region, in which the Sun's energy is produced, is called the ______________.
a) core b) corona c) photosphere d) chromosphere
The Sun is about ___________________years.
a) 6,000 b) 270,000 c) 25,000,000 d) 4,600,000,000
The Sun makes its own energy through a process called_________________.
a) Radiation b) Combustion c) Nuclear fusion d) Nuclear fission
The Sun is primarily made up of ________________ and _____________________.
a) Silicon; carbon b) Helium; silicon c) Hydrogen; helium d) Hydrogen; carbon
The Sun is classified as a ___________________star.
a) Giant b) Dwarf c) Neutron d) Supergiant
The nearest star to Earth is ________________.
a) Rigel b) The Sun c) Betelgeuse d) Proxima Centauri
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