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One to whom secrets or private matters are told
a) demagogue b) infidel c) pedagogue d) confidant
a belief or opinion accepted as right or correct
a) orthodox b) missionary c) sentiment d) heterodox
one who is unfaithful
a) insensitive b) ectoderm c) missionary d) infidel
to go beyond or over a limit
a) tempo b) transgression c) gradual d) remit
to throw forward
a) proclaim b) remit c) project d) adjacent
a ruler of children
a) pedagogue b) missionary c) hypnagogic d) synagogue
to send; to spread across
a) interject b) submit c) transmit d) remit
speed pace
a) temporary b) temptation c) contemporary d) tempo
under the skin
a) ectoderm b) hypodermic c) demagogue d) dermatitis
to state loudly
a) transmit b) project c) proclaim d) interject
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