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Name of the theory of Ptolemy's universe
a) geocentric b) heliocentric c) copernican d) mooncentric
His laws state that the planets move in ellipses instead of circles
a) Galileo b) Kepler c) Brahe d) Newton
Pluto's orbit and other objects like it are called dwarf planets
a) oort cloud b) asteroid belt c) kupier belt d) meteor shower
Location where a planet is furthest away from the sun
a) aphelion b) perhelion c) nebula d) ellipse
Discovered a model of the solar system where the inner planets move faster than the outer planets, explained retrograde
a) Ptolemy b) Copernicus c) Newton d) Galileo
Distance from the Earth to the Sun
a) Astronomical Unit (AU) b) light year c) light minute d) heliopause
A dense concentration of material at the center of the solar system eventually became
a) The sun b) planets c) asteroids d) comets
What is NOT a step in the life of a star that is 1000x's our sun's mass
a) condense and cool b) collapse and create a protostar c) Expand to a Super Giant d) Supernova to create a black hole or nuetron star
In the universe, if a star or galaxy is red shifted it
a) is moving towards us b) not in our universe c) is moving away from us d) is not moving at all
The HR diagram relates what two properties of stars?
a) temperature and luminosity b) size and temperature c) luinosity and size d) luminosity and brightness
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