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Very hot planet - no atmosphere - looks like the moon, largest day/night temperature difference
a) Mercury b) Titan c) Mars d) Venus
Dangerous sulfuric acid and erupting volcanoes, planet most similar to Earth
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Venus d) Earth
Water found in 3 forms: solid, liquid, gas
a) Mercury b) Earth c) Moon d) Venus
Many dust storms, rusty color, ice caps
a) Mars b) Ceres c) Venus d) Mercury
Giant Red Spot (huge storm) - gas giant with rings
a) Saturn b) Jupiter c) Uranus d) Jupiter
Has the largest moon - could float in a very large ocean
a) Jupiter b) Neptune c) Saturn d) Uranus
Retrograde spin - tilted almost 90 degrees
a) Neptune b) Saturn c) Jupiter d) Uranus
Clouds - dark spot indicates storm activity
a) Uranus b) Jupiter c) Neptune d) Saturn
very cold - little dwarf planet - moon almost the same size
a) Earth b) Pluto c) Mercury d) Mars
Uranus and Neptune are bluish, green in color due to what gas in the atmosphere
a) methane b) oxygen c) hydrogen d) helium
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