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I conduct electricity in solution and turn red litmus blue.
a) ionic salt b) acid c) base d) molecular
I am a non conductor in solution
a) ionic b) acid c) base d) molecular
I turn blue litmus red and conduct
a) acid b) base c) ionic salt d) molecular
I conduct in solution but am not affected by litmus paper
a) acid b) base c) ionic salt d) molecular
my state is usally aqueous
a) acid b) base c) ionic d) molecular
my state is solid at SATP
a) methane or propane b) glucose of sucrose c) hydrogen peroxide or water d) methanol or ethanol
my state is a liquid at SATP
a) methanol or ethanol b) hydrogen peroxide or water c) mercury or octane d) all of the above
my state is a gas at STP
a) hydrogen sulfide and bromine b) methane and propane c) hydrogen and iodine d) all of the above
I am diatomic therefore I occur as a pair of atoms
a) hydrogen, bromine, chlorine and carbon b) iodine, bromine. chlorine and phosphorus c) iodine, chlorine, fluorine and sodium d) none of the above is completely correct
ethanol compared to methanol
a) has a non-metal attached to OH b) is an alcohol too c) has 2 carbons instead of 1 d) all of the above are correct
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