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Please, help ... with my homework. I can't do it alone.
a) us b) I c) me d) you
Yeah! We received the letter you wrote to all of ...
a) him b) his c) we d) us
Stella invited me to the party but she's so selfish, I don't want to go with ...
a) them b) his c) she d) her
This food can is for the cat. Give the can to ...
a) it b) they c) them d) you
Hey! Stop playing those silly zombie games! I'm talking to ...
a) me b) your c) us d) you
Albert's train was late, so we left and we couldn't meet ...
a) them b) him c) her d) us
Marta and Paula were very helpful even though we didn't pay ...
a) us b) me c) her d) them
This is our cousin Rachel and this is the motorcycle we bought for ...
a) she b) her c) us d) it
Ted insisted so much that I finally sold ... my car. He wanted it so badly.
a) her b) us c) him d) he
You forgot your umbrella at home. Good thing I took ...
a) it b) you c) him d) her
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